The Morgan-Greer Tarot

Created by: Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan
Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – US Games 1979
Card Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.75″

Published by Us Games Systems 

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is the first modern tarot deck based upon the combined research of tarot leaders Arthur Edward Waite and Paul Foster Case. The Case book was used a primer by artist Bill Greer in choosing the colors for the Morgan-Greer deck, so as to “create an emotional reaction to each card even before the image could be looked at in depth.”

This is a very beautiful deck that is recommended by Ethony.


Where To Buy:

usgames amazon


*Rating taken from customer reviews at Amazon.

One response to “The Morgan-Greer Tarot

  1. This is my deck! I am obsessed with it & have been since the day the first deck found me in a box of used book that was donated to me! For me, I can always tell what these cards are telling me right away. Love it, love it!

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