Winter Solstice Reflections

Blessed Yule and Merry Solstice Witches!

The Solstices happen two times in the year, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.

This particular day was the Winter Solstice which is is the shortest day of the year. It also felt like the coldest day for me. I’m in the mountains of California where the air is fresh and fire chances are high!

img_4019I lit my Yule tea light which was crafted with cinnamon bark, mistletoe, rosemary, blue spruce, juniper berries, red jasper, agate, and quartz by Wild Woman Witchcrafts on Etsy. Aren’t they divine?!

I also spent my time updating my Book of Shadows Pages for Yule. I got the designs from Yule Paper craft for a Magical Solstice on Etsy!


I’m very proud and excited about the new additions to my Book of Shadows! I also included more yummy recipes, rituals and correspondences about herbs and crystals. It’s full of information and I couldn’t be happier!

This month I also joined an online coven! We learned about the Goddess, Brighid.


The coven is the Awakened Soul by Ethony. It’s charming and informative. I love the fact there’s more and more of a community growing!

Comment what you got up to this Solstice, I’d love to hear! Also, please feel free to check out some deck and book reviews in our database! It’s always growing with witchy goodies!

Until next time Witches!

Merry meet!

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