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The Mystic Mondays Tarotmysticmondays
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
Mystic Mondays is your tarot for the modern age. It is an intuition tool for spiritual guidance, designed with intentional good vibes and a love of color[…]

The Bad Bitches Tarotbadbitchestarot
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
The Bad Bitches Tarot The Bad Bitches Tarot is a 78 Card Tarot Deck and Guidebook for Empowered Women who want to awaken their inner strength, courage, wisdom and spirituality. […]

Revelations Tarotrevelations
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03
Revelations Tarot Revelations Tarot is a 78 card tarot deck.   Artist: Zach Wong Tarot Deck – 78 Cards Card Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.65″ Published: Llewellyn Worldwide Zach Wong has […]

Spirit Speakspiritspeak
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
Spirit Speak is a 78 card hand drawn black and white tarot card deck. Artist: Mary Elizabeth Evans Tarot Deck – 78 Cards Card Dimensions: 2.5″ x 3.5″ […]

Vagabond Wild Tarothpvagabond
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
The Vagabond Wild Tarot A 78-card tarot deck for the modern wanderer helping find inspiration and growing your intuition.   Artist: Tiffany Sosa Tarot Deck – 78 Cards Card Dimensions: […]

Starchild Tarotstarchildhippie
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
The Starchild Tarot – Akashic Edition The images function as tiny portals for each reader to connect with in experiencing their own unique stories and seeded memories. The Akashic records […]

Hermetic Tarothermtic
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03

The Hermetic Tarot The details and symbols in each card reveal many of the esoteric workings of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn, which flourished around the turn of […]

Crowley Thoth Tarotthothtarot
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03
The classic Crowley Thoth Small Tarot Deck is presented in Premier Edition format. This Premier Edition set also includes a booklet of instruction and a full-color, ancient […]

Tarot De Marseille François Chosson 1736  chosson marseille
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03

In April of 1736, François Chosson of Marseille printed what was to later become the prototype for the popular, Tarot de Marseille decks enjoyed today. The original copy of this 1736 Chosson deck […]

Morgan-Greer Tarotmg
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is based on the structure of the Rider-Waite Tarot, this uniquely expressive deck features magical imagery presented in deep, saturated colors. The borderless 78-card deck allows the details of […]

Rider-Waite Tarot rw2
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03
The Rider-Waite Tarot is the world’s most popular tarot deck! This classic deck has long been a favorite of beginners as well as tarot enthusiasts. Also:  Giant Rider-Waite® Tarot, Original Rider-Waite® […]

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarotrw
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03
The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot is a beautiful vibrant recolored version of the original Rider Waite Tarot deck. This fully illustrated 78-card deck gives a new radiance and depth to the […]

Universal Waite Tarotuniversaltarot
Screenshot 2017-05-29 17.34.03
The iconic drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully re-colored by artist Mary Hanson-Roberts. The original meanings and rich symbolism of the Rider-Waite artwork come though with greater clarity […]

Original Rider-Waite Tarotoringinalrw
Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.02.15
The Original Rider-Waite This edition, distinguished by its subtle, muted color tones, is an indispensable addition to any tarot collection. The bright, primary colors seen in the familiar 1909 version […]



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